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Check out our list of top-rated and highly recommended online casinos for players from your country. With this list, you can head straight to any of our recommendations by clicking visit site. If you still need more information, please read a full review, which includes data comparison and expert opinion along with the fairness of its terms, product, welcome bonus breakdown, and payment methods.

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CasinoMentor is a reputable platform that provides you with all the information you need to step into the world of online gambling. We bring together the top industry experts to bring you the best overview of the iGaming industry, detailed casino reviews, and how to help you gamble safely and healthily.

We Review All Online Casinos
Our experts do their best to research and write reviews of online casinos, include them in our database, and compare them to find the best options for players. In our reviews, we promise that all information is accurate, truthful, and unbiased. Our experts work independently and use all the most up-to-date and objective data-driven methods to conduct the assessments. We carefully review each casino, find out, and present all the relevant information about it so that you have enough data to make your choice and help you know what to expect before playing.
We Protect Our Players
Online casino sites can pose a great risk to users if they operate in a non-transparent manner. So, to protect our players from these scam platforms, we will label their reputation levels and put them on our blacklist as a form of warning to our players. In addition, we always take feedback from the player community to supplement the accuracy of our reviews. If you have a need to complain about any platform, our complaint service is always available through multiple channels. We have a 24/7 customer support team to entertain any requests from our users. You can contact them through the Live Chat system on our website or go to the Complain tab to give your comments.
We Hunt Exclusive and Latest Bonuses for All Casinos
We search for the best online casino bonuses from all the casinos on our list to present them to our players. More than anyone else, we understand the importance of keeping this information up-to-date. That's why we always refresh our bonus list every day and update it immediately if any new promotions appear. We value our valuable customers, so we always hunt for exclusive promotions as a form of gratitude for them. As soon as you visit our website, you will enjoy exclusive promotions, exclusive to Casino Mentor users only.
We Inform & Advice Players to Make Informed Decisions
Besides our expert reviews, we also provide in-depth game guides, tips, and the latest online gambling world news which will provide a complete approach for you to make the most appropriate decisions.

More Than Just A Review Site

The ultimate aim of our presence is to optimize your gambling experience. Therefore, we proudly claim to be more than just a review site, and we also strive to assist players in every aspect of online gambling.

Effective Complaint Resolution Team
We never ignore any complaint that a customer wants us to help solve. After receiving complaints from customers, we will contact the casino operator and urge them to provide a response to those complaints. Our dedicated efforts have created a safer online gambling environment for players. Many of the unfair terms and conditions offered by the casino were changed under our intervention. As a result, sites that receive negative reviews will be ranked low by us, and conversely, secure and transparent platforms will receive a trust badge from us.
An Active Member of the Responsible Gaming Boards
CasinoMentor's Responsible Gambling Center is a great resource for players to get an education, guidance, and access to responsible gambling resources.
A Forum for Players
All players are welcome and encouraged to comment on anything, game experience, bonuses, casino transactions, etc., at our site. We built a community to help gamblers socialize, make friends, and share the valuable experiences they have with others about their gambling experience.
A Free Game Hubs
If you are looking for a platform to experience the hottest casino games for free, we're here for it. We have strong links with a wide range of software vendors in the industry, making our game library extremely diverse. You can experience more than 3,700 games available, with many interesting themes and gameplay on our platform. vents and tournaments always come with high-quality prizes to honor the best players.

All Casinos in the World are Reviewed
and Carefully Evaluated

We work hard every day to research, monitor, and rate online casinos. Our team of experts treats all platforms equally. So for this market, we are confident in the quality of the database we own. Usually, in an online casino review process, we consider the following aspects:

Online casino sites which are capable of generating large numbers of players tend to be safer for players. The fact that large revenues always allow them to pay out even the biggest wins, at the same time also proves that the casino has great service and is able to attract new players.
Withdrawal Speed
Smooth banking processes can add a lot of magic seasoning to one’s gambling experience.In fact, every online casino states its estimated timing for its withdrawals. When requesting a withdrawal, we'd like to see how they stay true to their word on the processing times that they stated. Therefore, if the casinos take too long in processing players' winnings for release, we will consider to downgrades its rating and making a warning to our players.
Safer Gambling
We go over each casino's responsible gambling methods to see if they truly care about players’ safety. If we find any irresponsible and careless manners in their business, we decrease the site's rating and warn players in our review.
Complaints From Players
In our review process, we also consider the customer reviews or complaints submitted by players and how the casinos handle them. We list all complaints related to one casino in each casino review. By doing this, we make sure that players and also the casino’s representatives understand why we decrease or increase its rating.

Free Trial For All Games

CasinoMentor allows you to experience free versions of every casino game you desire. That gives you the opportunity to practice and familiarize yourself with the titles before playing them for real money.

3794 free games to practice with registration
With a simple registration, you have access to the huge source of free casino games in our database. The list includes nearly 3,800 engaging games, including the most popular slot games, from the world's top developers. So you don't need to worry about their quality.
1000+ games are reviewed
Not only providing games, but our team of experts also has all experienced and provided detailed reviews of more than 1,000 titles of them. These detailed reviews provide the most basic guide to the game, including graphics, gameplay, winning strategies, and other important game parameters like RTP or volatility.
Suitable and optimized for all devices
We only work with the top game providers, and their capabilities will allow these casino games to performing smoothly on whatever device you use.
Utilize the game experience with smart types and themes filter
Casino games are increasingly perfecting themselves to be more appealing with unique themes and smart types. So, with the endless creativity of the quality studios we are affiliated with, you can expect the most compelling, fun, and dramatic experiences when you try the casino games at Casino Mentor.

Why Should You Trust Our Rating?

Since its inception, our team has been dedicated to providing the fairest and most intuitive world of online gambling for everyone. Our profits come from our own customers instead of the online Casinos we rate. So we're confident that we'll always ensure transparency and accuracy in our reviews, and we'll present the arguments for that now.

Everything you see on our website will be the best for players from your country
We determine your location based on the IP you use to access our platform. Therefore, we always know and always try to recommend the most suitable picks for players from your region.
Reputation is a top priority
A rogue casino never benefits players in any way possible. So our top priority is to find suspicious platforms and alert them to our customers.
Awarding badges to fair and safe online casinos
On the other hand, casinos that offer excellent service quality are recommended by us at our site. If an operator runs the business honestly, has an extensive game collection, and offers great promotions, there's no reason why we shouldn't honor them.
Being a friendly middle man to help players get justice
If players are unable to defend their rights in a dispute against the casino operator, they can turn to us for help. We will try to communicate and compromise with the manager so that your problem is resolved in the shortest time.
Dedicated complaint resolution team
Our customer care team is available 24/7 to provide the most timely and effective support in solving your problems while playing on our platform.
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Latest user reviews of online casinos

John Fannin
• 1 months ago

Mirax Casino user review

Sadly this place is a huge bust. How can it be stated as a No code needed 1st deposit bonus. When you make your first deposit we automatically give you a 100% match and 100 free spins. But because 10 hours before I claimed the 40 free spins offer here. Which has nothing to do with a deposit. Also shown the 1st deposit match and free spins were available for me to receive with the switch that claims the promo flipped on the active position that am excluded. And no code bonus means no code. It doesn’t matter what code I used 10 hours before. Because it’s based off my first deposit. But they state which is a lie. That I enter the promo code right before my deposit. You mean 10+ hours before my deposit. I have all the proof too. And the silly words they used to justify their wrong doind. Also it states 10 mins to receive your withdrawals. That’s a lie too. We are going on 5 hours plus. With no real reason why. Just more mind games they play with words. But seriously this has got to stop. There are to many places that are the first to throw in your face it’s right here in the terms. But yet won’t follow them their selfs. These sites need to be held accountable for their actions. I mean they would be the first to restrict me if I did something against there terms. But they don’t have to follow it and can get away with it. I wish I could post all the conversation I had with this place. Because I can promise that no one would ever join this place no matter how much they promise to give people. Because the proof would be read for everyone to see they are just liars. But I would like this company to reach out to me so I can show them. Cause this has got to stop. All I want is what I am told I get when I pay. Anything else is false advertising. And receiving a service I did not pay for. So why do I have to be stuck with it. That’s not right.
  • Nothing that they say do they follow through. No accountability at this place.